I’m a 31 year old English teacher who LOVES to read, but doesn’t always do so mindfully.  Here is a random compilation of my random thoughts on random things I’ve read!


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  1. I would like to put a link to your blog about college rankings on my page. I hope that’s okay with you, and it would be with full credit to you, of course. It’s an excellent and timely piece, and one that is worth sharing. I have a very limited readership but I do want to share your opinion with a particular few, and it would have more credence if it came from someone other than “Mom” especially since you’re closer in age to the students I hope to reach. Please let me know if you object; my intention isn’t to offend/anger/steal credit/etc. I won’t post the link until I hear from you.
    Thanks so much!

  2. As an English teach I was wondering if you had any insight or opinions into the future of reading? Any thoughts on eReaders and how they are changing books stores and libraries?

    • Hi Brent,

      I’m not sure the verdict is in on them yet. I’ve seen a lot of students begin to use them in class, and I have one myself that I use in school from time to time. I think, of course, that the rise of the ereader will be troubling for the book store (although I hope not the library!), but I know I for one still choose my books in the brick and mortar store and then download them to my nook. I’ll definitely keep thinking about it!

      • Liz,
        Yeah, I have found most of my best authors by browsing through the book store. To me it’s the best way to “meet” new authors. As far as the library I am wondering about that myself. Here in CNY we can download books using a resource called Over Drive. I read my first one on my Mac last week.
        I realized in January that I need to go back and learn how to read – at least learning the new ways to read. It would be interesting to hear what your students have to say about how they look at reading and where they see it going.

  3. seems you are a voracious reader, too. (:

    have you tried the books penned up by sidney sheldon?

  4. Do you teach your students about blogging?

  5. Hey, Liz, you just got an award! It’s the the Irresistibly Sweet Blog award, and I know you got it because I gave it to you (though I didn’t choose the name of the award). You can read about it here:

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