Libraries #SOL17

There’s something magical about libraries, isn’t there? 

The possibility of all of those unread books.  All of the things to learn, the stories to read, the lives to live.  

Baby McK and I went to the library today to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday.  The program started at 10 this morning.  Foolishly, we arrived at 10.  When the library opened.  We couldn’t have possibly known that people had begun getting there at 9:30 to get a good spot.  (Well, to be fair, a responsible Mom might have known.  I did not.). 

So the program was packed (and probably skewed a little old for our 17 month old anyway) so we went into the children’s room where we had the run of the place.  She took book after book off the shelf and lef them in her wake.  The staff had signs everywhere reminding parents that little hands would take things off the shelf and that that was fine, they would tidy at the end of the day.  She sat and read.  And read.  And read.  Mommy’s baby, for sure.

I had a magical idea that, when we were done, she would indulge me and let me peruse the adult new arrivals.  But as we walked towards the circulation desk to check out her books (her first library books!), she caught sight of the balloons and gift bags given to all of the little attendees today.  Needless to say, mom did not get her novel on.

Still, I have so many fond memories of taking book after book off the shelf in my own library, the Flatlands branch of the Brooklyn Public Library.  It was nice to see my girl do the same today.



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6 responses to “Libraries #SOL17

  1. Whenever I get sad, a trip to the library lifts me up. I love that your little one already has a relationship with books!

  2. I also work as a librarian. Your writing resonated with me.

  3. The library was always my favorite place to visit when I was growing up & it still is. I love getting lost in a book. The photo of your little one with a book in hand brought a smile to my face.

  4. The library is a glorious place! Good for you for taking her and giving her a wonderful place no matter where she goes in life–there are always libraries wherever we go.

  5. Yes, libraries are magical places! Will be taking my two year old to ours tomorrow. My trips pre-baby and post-baby are certainly different!

  6. Wonderful post. I love the library, and love that my son does too. He’s put it on his list of “fun things we should do this weekend” which makes my heart glad. When he was toddler sized, he would pull out all the books too, and we could never go home without at least ten new books.

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