I am a creature of habit.  I like to have structure to my days and order to my plans.  I realized today that my daughter is the same way.

She was out of her routine for three days in a row.  She stayed at my parents’ house on Friday into Saturday, so she was out of her routine.  Yesterday we celebrated Easter twice, almost 200 miles apart, so she was out of her routine.  Today she was home, and in her routine.  And she was a lunatic.

As I described to my mother, “It’s like she’s just been emitting a steady whine all day.”  She cried, which she never does, and all she wanted to do was snuggle.  I liked the snuggling part, not so much the crying.  My girl was clearly tired, and she’s teething, and she’s going through a Wonder Week and a growth spurt.  All of these conspired to make one cranky girl.

My husband, who is in serious contention for Father of the Year, bore the brunt of her crank today.  I got a pedicure and went shopping with some friends and he held down the fort.  Her mood improved as the day went on, and by bedtime she was our smiley girl again.  I know she might be a little off again tomorrow, but I also know that being home and staying in her routine will help her get back on her feet.  I knew I loved routines, I just didn’t realize I’d passed that love on to my girl!



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6 responses to “Routines

  1. Routines are so necessary. I didn’t understand that until I became a classroom teacher. It has been reinforced again and again as a parent. Life goes haywire in our house whenever my daughter’s routine is disrupted. I want her to be flexible, but I realize I can teach her how to do that best when it’s within the parameters of a semi-normal routine.

    Hope you enjoyed your pedicure!

  2. I think all little kids need routine. It makes them feel safe and secure. I’m glad your little one is getting back into her routine. Happy Momma and happy baby girl.

    • Yes! I didn’t realize she’d need it so young (6 months on Saturday), but I think it’s BECAUSE she’s so young that she needs it! The world is so scary for her; of course she needs predictability to understand it!

  3. I also think that some kids are so in tune with us that what affects us affects them, so it may be that as well. It is a chicken and an egg kind of thing I guess, but regardless, you will both feel better with your routine back.

  4. Breaking routines can be hard, especially when there’s a lot of excitement involved! It sounds like you both are on your way back to your routines.

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