My poor baby is teething.  To be honest she’s probably been teething for a month or so now, but she’s really teething today.  Lots of drool, a diaper rash, poops that just won’t quit.  She’s not cranky, but she’s not herself.  Her teeth are hurting her sleep, and it’s taking a toll on her sunny disposition.

This is the first time, although I’m sure it won’t be the last time, when I feel helpless as a mother.  There’s not really much I can do for her.  I can keep her fed and dry.  I can put cream on her rash and change her often.  I can offer her teething toys and my fingers and anything else she’d like to put in her mouth.  I can give her Tylenol, which she hates (no Motrin until she turns six months, they say).  But can’t make her teeth come in any faster, and I can’t make the pain go away.

Still, I’m amazed at how cheerful she still is.  When my wisdom teeth were coming in I almost cried in pain.  My sister went to the emergency room for hers.  When I have a headache, even a little one, I snap, I thunder, I rage.  She’s got little daggers pushing through her gums, a sensation she’s never felt before, can’t identify, and can’t find relief for, and yet she’s fine.  She’s a little extra quick to whine, she’s a little more vocal about needing her naps, but she’s definitely not the monster I would be!  Maybe I need to take a page from her book . . .


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  1. I hope your little one finds release soon! Teething for us wasn’t *that* bad yet sometimes it was TERRIBLE. I agree with you that the feeling of helplessness is the worst, but I like the lesson you have learned from your daughter!

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