Carpe Runem

I got new running shoes today.  I love buying running gear–socks, shoes, water bottles, fuel; running gear always comes with its own sense of possibility.  When a friend asked if I would go with her to our local running store to pick up a foam runner I jumped at the opportunity.  I’m training for a half marathon and really trying to get back into running after pregnancy; I knew new shoes would inspire me to run.

I have, for years, worn Brooks Glycerine sneakers.  I’ve worn the Glycerine 11s and the Glycerine 12s, so I was pretty sure I would like the 13s.  But I like to try my running shoes on before I buy them, so I asked the salesman to bring out some other sneakers he thought I’d like based on my history and my gait.  He did, and I dutifully tried on a pair of Aasics and a pair of Nikes.  Nice sneakers.  Cute.  Just not my Glycerines.

I was hoping to get a run in today before I had to pick my daughter up from my mother’s house.  I didn’t, but I know I will tomorrow.  Because I have some big shoes to fill now!


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  1. You are taking all the necessary steps to make your half marathon a success. Enjoy your new shoes- I am sure they will help motivate you!

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