Nice Days

Some days are just nice days.  Things mostly go right in the classroom, things mostly go right at home.  Things mostly go right in life.  Not great days; not call a friend and celebrate days.  Just nice days.

Today was a nice day.  I introduced two ambitious projects in class today (a multigenre writing about a dystopian novel and an essay based on this book about place) and the students responded with enthusiasm.  I reintroduced the writer’s notebook for the first time since returning from maternity leave and the students took to the idea of low stakes writing beautifully.  They had an essay due and almost every student completed in on time.  There was meatloaf in the cafeteria.

Then I left school and it was beautiful.  I walked to my car with no coat.  I got home early so I took advantage of my extra time by cleaning out my car and my trunk.  I came inside and my daughter was so excited to see me she couldn’t even eat (and believe me, she can always eat).  We snuggled and giggled, then she yawned and went peacefully down for a 12791070_10104737247015809_1648070591312937633_nnap.  I’m now typing this on our little deck, watching as she sleeps on the monitor.  I’ll use the rest of my stolen nap time to get lesson plans done and maybe even come up with an action plan for my long put off dissertation.  When my husband comes home from baseball practice, he’ll bring dinner and I’ll go to the gym.

Some days are just nice  Sometimes I need to remember that when the days are not so nice.



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7 responses to “Nice Days

  1. Sitting on the deck to do lesson plans sounds delightful. Loved the; not call a friend and celebrate. Just nice

  2. Melanie Roy

    I like that you recorded the “just nice” day to remember it when it’s not such a nice day.

  3. Thank goodness for those other days stored in our memory banks when the not so nice days come. I felt your peace.

  4. I really love your description of a “nice” day – not too hard, not too soft. I love my nice days when they come around. We have to remember to savor them, right?

  5. These kind of days give us hope when the not nice days hit! Enjoy!

  6. Brooke Kinsman

    What a beautiful day that you are able to enjoy! Thanks for sharing so that I can enjoy your nice day as well!

  7. I love your post. “Nice days” are sometimes hard to appreciate and recognize because usually it is the “not nice days” that stick with us. Your mindfulness is a great reminder of my nice day today!

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