Nerdlution Checkin! Week 1

Whew!  Less than a week ago I set myself some nerdlution goals.  It’s been a TOUGH week.  I had the beginning of grad school, a late night Sunday/early morning Monday, a tough situation at school.  But here’s how I’m doing so far:

1. Three Blog Posts a Week

Check!  This is my third blog post this week!  Have any of them been life changing?  No, not really.  But I’m really glad I’ve been true to my goal and posted.  I’ve also done some journaling about some personal stuff that’s happening this week, which has been really important.  So writing has definitely been happening.

2. Half Marathon Training

OK, I slacked on this this week.  I actually haven’t been to the gym at all.  I keep telling myself that this week is only one or two miles, and that should be easy.  I mean, I ran a marathon in October, after all.  But I haven’t really run since then, so I absolutely MUST get my butt in gear.  I can’t let this go.  Tomorrow I MUST run!  MUST!  Hold me to that, dear reader!

3. “Do” my hair

I did this!  I put my hair in the same ponytail braid I’ve been using since high school to cover up a late wake up on Tuesday, but I remembered my nerdlution and I turned that braid into a bun-updo-thing.  It wasn’t great, but it was a consciously chosen hairstyle, so I’ll take it!

4. Only two hours of Internet time

I’ve done this, too!  It wasn’t easy, because the Internet is my FAVORITE procrastination technique, but I’ve managed to do it.  It’s made me a lot more productive than usual.  This has been a crazy week because of after school/evening commitments (I haven’t really been home before 8:00 any night this week), and I’ve had a lot more work than usual because of the end of the marking period, but I think that the two hour limit is really helping me stay productive and present.

5. Keep a gratitude journal at school

OOOf, this was tough this week.  I’m having a real issue–a student HATES me for the first time in my eight years of teaching.  Not the course, not English, me.  And I don’t know why, and it’s hard.  But I’ve managed to keep thankful for SOMETHING every day anyway.  And I keep reminding myself (OK, my husband keeps reminding me) that for the one student that doen’t like me there are 130 others that do.  (Did I say doesn’t like?  I mean hate.  He hates me.  And I have NO idea why!  It just started!)


So a fairly successful week one!  I’m not beating myself up for my failure to go to the gym. I’m going to accept that that’s the way life works sometimes and move forward.  Less perfect.  More good.

How have your gone?


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