Slice of Life–The Last First

slice of life

A short Slice of Life post tonight, since I’m only just getting home, but I wanted to record something!  Here goes nothing!

I love setting up my things in a classroom on the first day of school.  Not the first day of school as a teacher; even after eight years in the classroom I still get too nervous to really enjoy the first day of school.  But the first day of school when I’m a student.  I love finding my seat, trying to figure out who the least objectionable person to sit next to is.  I love spreading out my notebook, my planner, my water, my coffee, my journal (OK, so I’m a high maintenance student).  I love getting the syllabus, ordering my books, uncapping my highlighters and getting to work.

I’ve always been a student.  I’ve always loved to learn.  I always read more books than I needed to, finished more problems than I had to, wrote more pages than I was asked to.  Three years ago I went back to school for my doctorate.  Today, I had my last “first day.”  After this semester, I begin work on my dissertation.  No one will be there to give me a syllabus and deadlines. I’ll be completely on my own.  And that’s an exhilarating idea, but also a nauseating one.  No deadlines?  No gold stars? No A+s?  How can I learn?

I know how I’ll be able to learn.  I’ll sit at a desk or a table.  I’ll open my notebook, just like I did today.  I’ll start to write.  Just like I am now.



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2 responses to “Slice of Life–The Last First

  1. Congratulations on your last first! But from now on every day will be a first day…just not in the classroom…learning just keeps on going now!

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