It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? (Week 3)


A quick post today, because I’m only just getting home–a super long day!


Last week I only finished one book, Patrick Ness’s really really wonderful More Than This.  I really enjoyed it, and I’m going to write more about Ness and this book tomorrow.

This week, I’m reading:

Teaching Book: Falling in Love with Close Reading.


I’m about 30 pages away from finishing this, and I’m really glad I picked it up.  I’ve already implemented some of Lehman and Roberts’ ideas.  Super practical and really helpful.

Young Adult: The Impossible Knife of Memory


I’m really excited to start this one.  I’ve been waiting to read it for a while, and I’m really excited to tackle it this week.

Adult Book: Sharp Objects


OK, confession.  I haven’t started this one yet.  But I will.  This week.  I swear.

Bonus book: xo Orpheus


My dissertation is on two feminist retellings of myths, and when I saw this in Barnes and Noble today I couldn’t resist picking it up!  It’s lots of short reinterpretations, so I’m probably going to be reading it for a while, but it’s definitely got a place on my night stand.


Nerdlution Update:

1. Here’s one of my blog posts this week!  Two to go!

2. I haven’t started my training yet, but I don’t really have to until tomorrow.  I have grad school tomorrow night, so I’ll be bringing my gym stuff with me to school in case I don’t get there in the morning.

3. I didn’t do my hair today.  In fact I put it in a ponytail halfway through first period.  It wasn’t a great appearance day.

4. This one was actually harder than I thought it would be.  I found myself aimlessly checking email/twitter a lot today (partially because of the ALA award announcements and a slow internet connection).  I have twenty minutes left, though, which I’ll spend answering comments from the past few days on the blog.  I think I ended up with extra time today because I spent a few hours at my parents’ house, and I don’t tend to use the internet there.

Whew!  It’s been a LONG day, but I’m glad I completed…two…of my nerdlution goals!

What are YOU reading?



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One response to “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? (Week 3)

  1. I plan to read Falling in Love with Close Reading as my next professional development read. I am in the middle of so many YA novels right now, though, I HAVE to finish some things before I start anything new. Or so I keep telling myself!

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