The Week in Review–Celebrate This Week I


Ruth Ayres hosts a weekly post about celebrating the little things during your week, finding the things that went well and focusing on the positive.  I’ve enjoyed reading the posts she garners, but haven’t participated until now!  So here it goes, good things that happened this week, even though I’m a day late:

  1. I had a really wonderful teaching day on Friday, seeing months of hard work come to something.  My Brit Lit students wrote Macbeth Choose Your Own Adventure stories, and they were really impressive.  We also did socratic discussions in AP Language, and the students were thoughtful and insightful.  AND we successfully experimented with Today’s Meet.  It was one of those days that makes you glad to be a teacher.
  2. I’ve finished two books, and they were both really good.  I posted about Penny Kittle’s Write Beside Them already, and I’m already seeing improvements in my writing instruction.  I also finished The Tragedy Paper by Elizabeth Laban, which I’ll post about later this week.  Not sure I LOVED that one, but it made me think quite a bit, which is always good!
  3. Even though today is Sunday, it’s really Saturday!  Having off tomorrow is really really wonderful.  It gave me a day to relax and do nothing yesterday (well, I read two magazines and the Sunday Times, so not NOTHING) and still have a productive weekend.

A three day week for me because of the the day off and a doctor’s appointment.  Hopefully I’ll have plenty to celebrate next week!  Thanks again to Ruth for encouraging reflection!


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