#Nerdlution Or: How I stopped stalling and started moving

I do a lot of lurking on Twitter.  I am a consumer of tweets, not a producer of them.  I read conversations between teachers and authors I think are smart.  I read the archives of conversations about teaching and learning.  I retweet liberally.  But I don’t usually add anything myself.  I haven’t blogged in a year (give or take).

So what’s the impetus this fine Sunday morning?  Why did I leap out of bed, grab my computer and begin to type?

I discovered #nerdlution through my usual morning Twitter lurking.  One of the problems with lurking on Twitter is tracing the origins and meanings of hashtags.  I often find myself enjoying a hashtag, thinking it’s interesting, but not really understanding it.  But I found this blog by teacher Katherine Sokolowski and this one by teacher Colby Sharp, and I was intrigued.  Could I do something, anything, for FIFTY days?  What would I do?  What’s the passion I’ve been neglecting?  What’s the thing I need to make more time for?

I’m busy.  Really busy.  What could I do to take some time out for myself, to stop the hustle and bustle, and really commit myself to doing something meaningful for me?

For #nerdlution I’m committing to three things.  I’m going to commit to reading more (20 minutes a day to be precise) to writing about that reading, and to working out.  I wanted to say running, but after my marathon last month, my knee is still a little too tender to run every day for 50 days.

Here’s where I’m bending #nerdlution just a bit to meet my needs.  The only way I’m going to be successful with this is if I allow myself some leeway.  I teach a full schedule, I work in an after school program, I advise two clubs, I’m in my penultimate class in a doctoral program.  Some days I’m just not going to have time to do all three of those things.  Some days I barely have time to eat!  (OK, I always make time to eat, hence the working out resolution.  But you get the idea).  What often derails my resolution attempts is my need to be 100% consistent 100% of the time.  I believe in the importance of making big, audacious goals, but I also have to acknowledge that sometimes those goals just aren’t realistic for me.  So as long as I do ONE of those three things every day for fifty days, I’ll consider my #nerdlution experiment a success.  Giving myself that wiggle room will, I hope, make me more likely to keep on keeping on.

So here we go!  Lacing up my sneakers and heading out.



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2 responses to “#Nerdlution Or: How I stopped stalling and started moving

  1. Thanks for joining the party! I’m sure you will rock these goals:)

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