My Reading Resolutions

Ah, the beginning of a new year. A time to wipe clean the slate and begin again. In the interest of truly beginning with a tabula rasa, let’s ignore the fact that it’s been four months since I’ve last thought about the blog. Let’s just forget about that. Instead, let’s begin by recapping last year’s reading resolutions, and seeing how I’ve fared.

–Read 50 books
Done and done! I actually read 52 books, thankyouverymuch! That’s approximately 15 books more than I read in 2010, which I think is really excellent!

–Think about reading and books more carefully and critically
I’ve definitely done this. Even when I haven’t been blogging (which was a full 1/4 of the year, I realize), I’ve been thinking about reading and writing pretty constantly this year. Maybe more importantly, I’ve been thinking about it both professionally and personally. In the months of silence, I kept a journal for graduate school, and I’ve thought a lot more about who I am as a writer and a reader.

–Keep a blog about my reading
Yeah, well, you can’t win them all!

So where does that leave me for 2012? What goals am I setting for myself in 2012? In the interest of “going big or going home” I’ve come up with lots of lofty goals for myself as a reader and beyond. Here are a few:

–Read 55 books
I think this is really doable. My secret goal is to read 60 books, but my public goal is to read 55. I think I’m going to get closer to 60 than 55 because goal number 2 is to…

–Read more Young Adult literature
OK, I know I already read more YA than most people, but I could still be reading more. My students have really taken off with Independent Reading this year, and I’m a little too far behind them for my liking. I want to be able to make more recommendations to them than I currently do, and I want to be able to have even more meaningful conversations about books.

–Read books that are out of my comfort zone
I definitely have a “type” of book that I like to read. Well, really a couple of types–“literary fiction, YA dystopia, etc. I want to read more non-fiction and more science fiction because those are real gaps in my reading right now. This wouldn’t really be a big deal if I wasn’t trying to recommend books, but I am completely at a loss when recommending books to a kid who loves sci fi. So more of that.

–Read more poetry
Because can you ever really read enough poetry?

–Write 100 blog posts
OK, this might seem ambitious, considering how much I failed at blogging last year, but I think it’s good to be ambitious. I’ve been thinking about my writing and writing in general a lot more this year, and I think blogging will be an important way for me to express that thinking.

–Read Ulysses again
I know, I know. But I love it. Don’t judge me.

So those are my resolutions! Will I be able to actually keep them this year? Who knows. Will trying to keep them change me as a reader and writer? Probably. I had a really successful reading year last year, and I’m looking forward to another one!


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  1. Well, happy new year! You’re right perfect time for a new beginning, and that sound like a good collection of resolutions. If a hundred blog posts is too much, make it once a week. That works for me. I just did some New Year’s posts on my blog as well.

    Oh, and why would people judge you for reading (and re-reading) Ulysses? Seems like a perfectly normal thing to do. 🙂

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