Love and Literature

I love books, obviously.  Books, words, ideas are important to me.    So it’s always been important to me that whomever I’m with, be it boyfriends or friends, loves books and words and ideas as well.  And usually they have.

I realized last night why it was so important to me.  My darling, delightful husband got me a cast iron tea pot for Christmas, so I can enjoy tea all day long.  It’s got a little tea light candle underneath to keep it warm and everything.  Well yesterday, because I’m lazy, I asked him to blow the candle out.  The exact phrase I said was “Can you blow the candle out, for nowadays the world is lit by lightning.”  His response was, “Alright Tom.”

If you don’t know, that line is a bastardization of Tom Wingfield’s final address to his sister Laura in The Glass Menagerie, a play Ryan read because I asked him to.  I told him was my favorite.  He told me he’d never read it and (after I borrowed it for him from the library), he read it for me.

So, on Valentine’s Day, I’m glad I can share my love of literature with my husband.  Who is wonderfully literary and lets me prattle on about books and reading and words.

Love you!


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  1. Love it!

    My boyfriend doesn’t read much, since he doesn’t have much time, but (luckily) he likes SF and Fantasy and so do I. So I read what he reads and we can talk about it.
    But since a couple of months, I’ve discovered something absolutely great: I likes it when I read to him what I like, too! So he gets in touch with all kinds of novels, genres … 😉

    By now we’ve been going through a couple of books, only read out to him by me … And we both have something to share now, it’s awesome.

    Many greetings!
    Julia M. 😉

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